Puma Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Puma Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Puma Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Hey everyone I’m here once again from Camp Harvey in Stratford Ontario, today I’m here to show you through the 2018 Puma 253 FBS, it’s a 25 foot box length 5th wheel made by Palomino RV, with this one it’s a rear sitting room front Queen walk-around bedroom and it does part of me does have a power slide out on it, the way to this particular camper the way it sits is just about 7,000 pounds, now this one is well equipped with options and I’ll give you a walk-around tour today and point out all the nice feature.

This RV have a molded fiberglass cap on the front as you can see it’s got built-in LED lights, does have the pin box cover as well, down below you got the diamond plating prevent stone chips when you’re traveling and all the Pumas come pre-wired for a portable solar panel so that’s what this plug is here for and it’s called solar on the side it’s a panel that you can get aftermarket to plug in keep the battery charged up, right at the front has some extra storage as well as the battery compartment so as you can see battery box in here and then some extra storage, the jacks at the front our power so just touch of a button and then the switch there for the docking lights which are those lights on the front cap you can see slide it on the off door side which is in the main living area.

I can show you that from the inside as I mentioned was just right around 7,000 pounds this particular one is 7,000 and 18 pounds the way it sits, it’s got pass-through storage which I’ll show you from the other side, you do have outside shower marine style detachable power connection 30 amp connection with an indicator light so when that lights on it means that you do have power, it just gives it a nice feature so when you’re if you’re without power you can diagnose it and always know if you’re getting power from your source, it does have an exterior storage compartment, this is underneath  the dinette inside just gives you access to the outside and then this has a sofa across the back so it’s got some exterior storage underneath the sofa and that’s accessible from both sides, we ordered this one with the optional foot down bike rack so good for bikes cargo pretty much anything you want to put on it it’s also got the roof ladder and then the Pumas do come pre-wired for a backup so the housing there right beneath the marker light that’s if you wanted to add a camera the housing is already there with the wiring, nice big window on the back it’s got the spare tire with the carrier and it does come with a cover we ordered this one with the power jacks at the back as well so just touch of a button it’s got the three stair entry large entry assist handle beside the door that’ll fold over the door during transit, this one’s got the power awning with built-in LED lights it’s got outdoor speakers on it.

On this side here you got your fresh water holding tank fill some exterior power outlets it’s got two thirty pound propane tanks so there’s one on each side get one here and one on the other side, all of our units come with filled tanks and they come with a deep cycle battery as well and then as I mentioned the pass-through storage which is basement storage one side to the other good amount of storage in there and we ordered this one with the optional outside kitchen so this thing opens up there’s a latch here to hold that door open and then here you’ve got your fridge and then down here this pulls out and then there’s an induction cooktop that pulls out the side so you got an induction cooktop it comes with a water hookup here which you get the hose and the spray and then also it’s a removable Basin so if you fill this up to wash dishes you can then empty it out and put it right back in and then that sprayer and hose hooks up right there to give your water source and then with these induction cooktops they do use special pans and pots so it does come with a frying pan as well that slides in that slides in and then closes right up, heading inside whom I use as a friction hinge on their door so the screen door can separate and then you can just put the door where you want it and the friction hinge will keep it in place so even in high winds it’s a bit windy out here today but it’s not going to move that door and then the screen door will reconnect right back to the main door, heading inside I’m just gonna pop my boots off here but muddy out there today.

In the main living area you got the large u-shaped dinette in the slide-out and there is storage all underneath those dinette seats and then it had that exterior access panel from outside your overhead cabinets above the the u-shaped dinette as well you can see there’s windows all the way around in the slide-out there’s actually quite a few windows all the way around in the trailer nice and bright gives you lots of natural light and then all the windows except for the kitchen window but all the other windows are equipped with the pleated shade that pulls up and down.

Now right across the back of the trailer is the sofa so you’ve got storage underneath that from both sides of the trailer and then it’s got overhead cabinets above it kitchen area and see good amount of counter space you got some drawers and cabinets down below, high rise faucet it’s got the flush mount sink cover so when you’re not using the sink you got extra counter space extra prep space that’s the double sinks 3 burner stove with the oven down below built-in microwave up above and then there is some knife holder in behind there and then that stove top it’s flush mount and you fold that up acts as a back splash and then you have access to your three burners but with the stove covered just gives you some more counter space to work with the fridge is propane and electric and it’s two-door for a gen freezer there is a when you turn it on there is a light that will come on inside the fridge and then the freezer is up above.

Entertainment cabinet which has the wall-mounted 39 inch TV and then you’ve got the sound bar there with am/fm CD and DVD and again has the outdoor speakers and indoor you can see you got storage up above and below the hallway leading up to the bedroom so you got full storage on the one side so you got pantry and then full wardrobe also some drawers down below there, on the other side it’s the fully enclosed bathroom so it’s got a foot flush toilet and then you’ve got your vanity with storage and a medicine cabinet above it and then this one was ordered with the optional fantastic fan and corner shower with the glass sliding doors and the full shower surround and the skylight up above, so right at the front you got your queen walk around bed so you can get around both sides of the bed.

Mo problem lots of floor space here there’s a window on each side of the bed you got a wardrobe cabinet on each side and overhead cabinets above there is a roof vent above the bed as well the bed will lift up for a little bit extra storage underneath and then there is a bedroom TV hookup with a backer in the wall so you can mount the TV. AC is ducted through the ceiling and then the heat is vented through the floor, all the interior lights are LED so they’re very energy-efficient they’re nice and bright, so again this is the 2018 Puma 253 fps so we now have this unit in stock at camp and RV in Trafford.