Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 Lbs

Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 Lbs

Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 Lbs

Hai, now we’re going to take a look at the 1475 trailer that they just came out with, we’ve been looking for a lightweight trailer that we could possibly tell with the Jeep and this would be right up our alley, so this would work perfectly for a jeep small SUV small truck. So let’s take a lookaround see what it has to offer.

So starting in the front of the trailer you have a single propane tank single house battery and right behind the house battery is your battery disconnect switch, ┬áthere is a large European style window here this can fully open and it actually lets a lot of light into the inside of the trailer it’s really nice the tank capacity on this is 26 26 it’s fresh and grey water 22 black. MSRP for this trailer starts around $25,000 on the curbside of the trailer my favorite feature is a quick disconnect for a propane line so you can put a barbaque out here or any other little propane device.

Above that is your pass-through storage, nice thing is there’s a magnet up here it’s magnetized very cool. Here’s your pass-through storage one of the options is this slide up bin that’ll come out either side you can throw your stuff in there just push it back in for me that’s a definite must-have we would probably end up putting a lot of stuff in here at least up to the max weight that we could and just being able to pull stuff in and out I don’t have to lean in and try to grab stuff, that magnets really cool. Coming back you’ve got your cable input here they put a 110 outlet out here as well, big dual pane windows we love our windows the bigger the better. The door has keyless entry and before we go inside it also has an awning outdoor speakers and an LED light above the window.

Let’s go in and check it out don’t want to trip, the 1475 has a full-size queen bed it’s actually very comfortable the only thing that might be a little difficult is whomever is laying on this side of the bed the person on the inside is gonna have to crawl over

them to get out of bed but you know I don’t think it’s going to be that much of an issue, the window in the back open up all the way but there’s also two opposing windows on either side of the bed, the great thing is this lets in a lot of light plus you get a lot of airflow this does have a screen that comes down plus knightshade, below the bed is that big pass-through storage and you can actually access that with a hatch that’s down by my feet big window is here on our left kitchen is over here on my right, above me is a fantastic vent but the reason we’re really interested in this particular coach are the two chairs and tables, we don’t like a dinette we don’t like a couch very much but we saw this and we’re like brilliant put two lazy boys in a trailer.

These chairs are really comfortable this chair can actually be detached and moved around this one is in place but it swivels the table can be turned and you can turn to have this wonderful view and your part next to the beach or wherever you are so it’s really a thoughtful design above the two chairs there is some storage room a shelf more LED lighting, speakers in the ceiling and there’s also a netted storage area that is above the bed this one does come with the AC unit but it is an option, here in the kitchen there is a three burner gas stove oven below that microwave lots of storage, a single sink plenty of counter space, lots of storage down below there’s also an outlet right here in the sink and a flat-screen TV that’s on a swivel.

There is a nice size refrigerator more storage here with adjustable shelves, good sized shower toilet here there is a sink with a medicine cabinet above and an outlet in the bathroom, shower has a lot of room enter the skylight and pull that across the nice thing about having a curtain is that unlike glass or plastic doors you can actually move around in here and it gives you some more space now the reality is it’s going to be very difficult to full time with a Jeep Wrangler trying to tow even a trailer this small, so if we decide to full time with something like this we may look at changing vehicles or doing something else, the nice thing is this is light enough where there are a ton of vehicles out there that can adequatelytow this. I love the two chairs really comfortable a nice open living space good sized bathroom great sized fridge and one feature I forgot about the privacy screen.