Cougar Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Cougar Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Cougar Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Hey guys what’s going on so we’re at Walnut Ridge today it’s a beautiful day it’s spring the snow has finally stopped here in Indiana, we are taking a look at some more cougar half-ton towable reason is our previous half-ton towable video has done really well for us it’s created a lot of really good comments controversy debates discussions, so what I thought I would do is come and film two more models, one that’s actually a little bigger than the previous model and one that’s smaller, the smaller one is the 29 RDB and I’ll have Sarah zoom in on this pin weight information. I’m gonna have to look up the weight on this model I’ll post it down below right now, so I’ll put the weight down below but let’s go ahead and take a look at this model.

Okay guys so we’re inside the cougar 29 RDB as you walk in you have your kitchen immediately off to the side I’ll shape the kitchen got the deep well stainless steel, you got your three burner stove we’ll cover that, right here off to the side you have this nice little coat rack thing great little feature, come in you have traditional dinette I’m not sure if this model comes with an option to switch this out for chairs but you do have the dinette in here, you have the trifold couch which is very similar to what we have in our cougar or I’m sorry our Puma our son says it sleeps very comfortably directly across from there as I was saying with the sink the stove the microwave you have some overhead and lower head cabinet options, you have the standard refrigerator again this keeps you down on weight, you have a large TV probably a 50-inch entertainment system, huge storage area but I don’t know if you can see that honey really large storage area for your video games extra storage whatever you want some storage below and then back here I’m gonna let Sarah just get in front of me and film this it’s kind of a cool little bunkhouse area, you have your own little storage off to the side, like a little his-and-hers closet for the kids, pretty cute you’re actually able to keep an eye on the little ones while they’re sleeping and you’re sitting here watching TV if you want I wish this model hottest a fireplace in it.

but let’s go back here to the back of the unit and show the bathroom, you know what before I go into the bathroom I should probably show the control panel right here as you come in off the door, this remote allows you to control the awning and the slides via remote which we have found would be really nice if you’re pulling up you need to see how far you can pull your slides out or you go get groceries you come back it’s raining you can roll your your awning out. So go ahead in the bathroom like this style sink where it actually comes out, medicine cabinet, nice big shower with the sit down seat that would have to be replaced with the oxygenic this shower is very similar to our shower and our pillow which we like, standard toilet please to put your towels this bathroom feels very very very much like our Puma, sir you’ll have to come check this out it looks very much like our puma, coming back to the bedroom queen bed his and hers closets on each side with storage up above, do you have small storage areas down below and then you have a nice-sized closet area of each side or on the side, place to mount your TV right here so mom and dad can watch TV in the bedroom.

Okay we’re gonna go outside now, so here’s the outside of that unit underneath just like with most you have your access to your pass-through storage I can show you that better from right here you have a massive area for storage under here it’s not pass-through straight across but you do have access it access to it from the front or the side at the large awning outdoor speakers, vent refrigerator vent outdoor shower we found this is absolutely great for washing the dogs off when they come back from walking on the trails and their muddy this one actually comes with a small outdoor kitchen you have stove you have a place for some storage and plenty of room for beer they’ve got that pushed over right now the plenty room for beer or soft drinks, ladder bike rack looks like this is locked this is additional pass-through storage that goes under those bunks that you saw from the inside, fresh water connection, your slides on this side of the unit your water heater here’s all of your connections so I’ve talked about this and a lot of the other ones I love this you have battery disconnect which is fantastic and ours I actually have to disconnect it, you have your water heater bypass winterization makes everything easy you can come here and just basically do everything and again I love this because you run all of your cords and hoses through here you can close this, this is protected from the elements and it just makes it look nicer and more tidy and this is your propane.

Please leave a comment a question a suggestion always love to hear from you guys and I think you’ll see that we respond and if there’s a unit that you’re wanting to see if they’ve got it out here let us know we’ll come over here we’ll take a look at it. Thanks

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