Jayco Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Jayco Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Jayco Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Jayco Eagle 23.5 RB s just came in on trade here haloed RV of Coldwater Michigan, this is one owner and we’re certain of that because we’re the ones that sold it, you know this is a virtually new RV in impeccably good condition, the folks obviously took every measure they could to keep this thing in in top shape and working order and it shows the 60 315 pounds this comes in as one of the what I would call rare truly half-ton towable 5th wheels out there, obviously tow capacities can vary on vehicles so if you’re not sure what your truck can handle call us we’ll get you figured out make sure you’re safe we have a huge truckin car background and we’re very good with tow capacities and that’s why we still keep trucks on hand today so if somebody falls in love with something they can’t tell we have an alternative option for them you know to make sure that they’re safe so we do package deals parts hitching trades financing delivery we’ll deliver it for you doesn’t matter.

So this is extremely well built extremely good shape you’re basically getting a new RV ax to use price tag what’s awesome is this is still new enough it can qualify for exactly same as new RV financing, so if that’s our route you’re looking at great you’re basically gonna get the the you know the whole package just without the scare of that first year depreciation, enclosed forced air heated insulated underbelly so this will be good for those like extended season situations we’ve got plywood decked roof and floor with all aluminum structured laminated walls including slide walls, you can walk on the slide roofing just like you can walk on the main roofing for maintenance purposes, push button activated front leveling with push-button rear stabilizers and on the little fifth wheel you just don’t need anything more than that you’ll notice the slide side windows do open for ventilation and even this rear wall here is ventilated.

This has a best-in-class 3500 pound rear towing hitch on it that comes standard from the factory that way with a 350 pound tongue weight even actually has four way flat wiring on the back and I’ve always looked at this specific model and said this is the outdoorsman’s model you know hunting fishing if you’re gonna put a little boat on the back of it or something this is the trailer to do that sort of thing with and I see little things the previous owners added they added a big bubble level to the front pin box they added the maxxair roof vent cover up here on top of the bathroom vent that is obviously a fully walkable roof the screen entry door has a nice little gate guard on it so that it doesn’t get busted up and this little thing rides on a luxury 5th wheel suspension a more I’d see re 3000 suspension, a few other brands have caught on to this but at the time this was built there was nobody else in this size of coach building with a compression rubber equalizer like this with three inches of independent travel that is a very very cool thing, we’re going to match that off with a 30 inch wide entry door and they put just about the biggest power awning on here they could not a big 5th wheel not a big opportunity for a giant power on but totally sufficient and serviceable gets the job done.

Now it is kind of drizzling right now it’s a rear dreary rainy just not fun sort of day um I’ve actually looks like I got a little raindrop on the lens here, get that door shut and bear with me just a moment while I clean the lens off which you know you’re probably supposed to use special materials for that probably uh I don’t know anyway, so I’ve got a couple spotlights oh wow that was terrible the rainy days are the worst in this business they’re really tough to work with guys so pardon me and bearing with me there we go that looks better so I’ve got a couple area spotlights on and that’s enough to kind of see around on the coach but what I love is a little coach like this has a really good lighting package and on a dreary awful day like today if you’re stuck inside the RV for extended periods you are going to truly love and appreciate the awesome LED light package that they have in here now again if you are pointing on hunting camp fishing camp something like that if you’re going to spend an extended time in this thing off the beaten path these are probably your best friend because one they’re going to you know brighten it up in here obviously better than incandescent could ever hope to do so they’re going to do it at less draw on your 12-volt battery and they don’t generate the heat that incandescent generates so they’re better in summer used situations that way.

Now we do have a super slide over here but it’s broken up in an interesting very space efficient fashion they put your appliances your two biggest appliances in the slide your stove and your eight cubic foot refrigerator/freezer so that is a big fridge for something the size and then they put your big hi to bed over here. so if it is just a couple of you say like Gramp and Grandma and occasionally grandkid might show up and you just don’t want a giant coach that is your way out of feeling that Grandpere guilt that grandkids can’t come along, you know a side note guys um here in Michigan on a day like this we just call this a terrible cruddy rainy dreary day but in Seattle they just call it Thursday, so there’s that so we talked about the height of bed we’ll get to the bathroom in a minute all original factory components and electronics are still present you see that the TV out there and the TV swings out for easy viewing the dinette like the sofa can fold down into an additional sleeper and they give you easy access to the under dinette storage areas even little original factory throw pillows are included and take a look at all the fabrics in upholstery is here this is in top top shape the table is not scarred and stained up the upholstery and dynamite condition they took care of this thing properly the way it’s supposed to be handled nice little thing to all your overhead doors in this through the entire coach our matte metallic strutted so that they’re self-supporting these are all screwed together styles this would state are screwed into that wood not stapled it glued, skylight on a sunny Bay will actually help give us a lot of light in here on a rainy day like this however it does kind of give you that illusion of being a little more open and it does help it feel like you breathe a little more in here.

Like I said all original electronic am/fm CD DVD player down here the TV swings out super easy viewing again very nice if you’re going to just be sitting here taking in a movie or catching up on the news or if you want to put a show on so the grandkids can sit down and settle down while they you know drift off to sleep, porcelain foot flush stool and again fixtures I start looking at fixtures everything’s extremely clean if you’re wondering what the pink kool-aid is that’s RV antifreeze because at the time that this was traded in it’s getting chilly and the previous owners already had a winter eye so that it wouldn’t have to worry about challenges and problems. Excellent storage in this rear bathroom with a shockingly deep medicine cabinet they they’re usually not quite that aggressive and it might not seem like a big ticket item but you’re going to get in and out of a medicine cabinet every single day when you go camping that’s something that it’s a person who camps myself I can tell you, now because the showers on the lower deck of the fifth wheel you’re not gonna have Headroom problems in here I’m just gonna have Headroom problems hitting my head on the shower head thankfully it was not that hard that is a replacement showerhead this one had oh look at that it’s got all kinds of you can twist and turn it get different patterns that must feel good little massaging showerhead.

Looking forward something that just kind of caught my eye it looks like they did some wainscoting on these doors looks like they did some itching that’s actually the print on the wood but had me fooled until I put my hand on that in the past they actually did have you know wings coated uh cabinet doors in these, one to call that’s been there and I missed it things like I mean they did a good job of it um oh holy cow I can’t believe this has a whisper quiet air this was the first year anything in this category had whisper quiet a/c these metallic vents up here those are your cold air return so this air unit is only going to generate about 10% of the noise of a common central a/c so that in conjunction with the the climate shield package that we have on here this thing is going to be an extremely good summer camper and pretty much any climate because you’ve got a big air conditioner with good ducting systems in a very small cubic foot of space it’s gonna do the job well um you know what else they did well in here is the kitchen when I see a little camper usually the first thing that gets robbed is the kitchen you see that sink covers are still down there for your sink, you’ve got a great countertop and prep space here and that is a real backsplash that’s not just like wallpaper you can kinda feel the difference there and they even included a nice drawer space here in the kitchen area and you notice that these are all plywood constructed drawers so they’re going to continue to hold up well over time, another thing they did is some brands will give you the illusion of a big tall cabinet but if you open it up you’ll see Jayco put a shelf in there not everybody does those are little detail things you got to look for this is a very fine detailed product and holy macaroni mattress that man, they were serious about their sleeping which is good because you figure you spend thirty three point three repeating of course the time spent sleeping it’s good to have a good experience so that you have a better camping experience now I kind of scooted this over so you can see you do have a plywood deck bed and this is still easy lift despite the fact that they put this way bigger heavier mattress in here I thought this was a bear to get in here but this was not fun despite the fact that they put a much bigger mattress in here than was standard the stress system they’re using on this Jayco is still more than capable of handling that and that’s me textbook example of Jayco they over build everything because they’re not just trying to make you enjoy it for the first two years that you have it while it’s under warranty this thing is built for way longer after that.

Now little detail stuff I’m spotting here we’ve got a nice overhead shelf perfect for like your little phones and things you’ve got the dual side stands for you know phone chargers or CPAP machines or anything you want the up here you can throw a TV against the wall though I don’t see where any ever has so there’s no scars on the wall or anything and of course sliding pocket privacy door here so I don’t like to give used RVs at ten but I’m inclined to do that we’re gonna give this a nine point nine at least I don’t know you couldn’t ask for a better cleaner but nicely kept RV and you get it at a used price tag that’s awesome so give us a call. Thanks


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