Jayco Travel Trailers Under 3000 Lbs

Jayco Travel Trailers Under 3000 Lbs

Jayco Travel Trailers Under 3000 Lbs

Hi I’m want to talk to you about the brand new Jayco hummingbird travel chore, i’m super excited to talking about this product because it has a ton of great features let me get started at the front, right in the front here you’re gonna notice this amazingly rounded aerodynamic profile front to the hummingbird travel tour this unit is designed for people who want lightweight and easy to tow it starts right up here in the front aerodynamic, great rounded profile, weight great for wind resistance II going down the road and you have the diamond plate front too so diamond plate down at the bottom is gonna protect you from road debris or anything as you’re driving down the road any rocks or anything like that that are gonna hit it it’s gonna be protected because you have this diamond plate, as I’m going around this web video what excites me the most so I’m gonna show you features of travel trailers that are 3040 thousand dollars and this thing isn’t even anywhere near that price, so what’s amazing is it has all the great features but yet it’s super inexpensive and super lightweight and easy to tow.

So I’m gonna tell you about a bunch of other ones so here we look at the frame I want to talk about the integrated eight frames this has an aluminum Norco next-gen frame what that means is it’s an aluminum frame and it has an integrated a frame so this main a frame crosses right through this front crossmember and ties right into the main cross beam of the Jayco travel trailer underneath and the reason that’s important is because most brands in this price point in fact most travel trailers period are gonna tack weld the a frame right to the bottom of this crossmember and you don’t get that, with Jayco what you get is the integrated a-frame technology which goes through their entire travel trailer line up, most travel trailers don’t offer anything like that that’s one of the unique features about Jayco which they even do on the hummingbird.

As we kind of pan down the side here I want to point out a couple great features too you got the g20 tinted safety glass on this most brands in this price point are gonna be half the tinted rating that the hummingbird has so it’s the g20 tinted safety glass notice how big the windows are too so easy to open up, tons of airflow gonna get you know great ventilation as you’re using it out there with your family, tons of storage – one of the greatest things about Jayco is they’re super smart with their storage, massive amount of storage and keep might as we’re going through this web video this is a small travel trailer this is the lightweight this is easy to tow but yet you can bring everything you can imagine with you get a good shot of the side notice it’s 2 color it’s actually 2 color fiberglass sidewall so it’s a color infused fiberglass it’s not a cheap paint or anything like that this is color infused fiberglass this is the same technology used on 8090 hundred thousand dollar fifth wheels color infused fiberglass two-tone and look at the great graphics, I mean we were pointing this out early this is Chrome you got a chrome graphics package on here there’s a lot of other brands that try to be a great lightweight trailer and really nobody’s doing it well and that’s what Jayco really wanted to do they want to come out with a high quality lightweight smaller travel chore that people would love, things like the arpad and other brands that are out there they’re just extremely cheap they don’t have anywhere near the features and they’re half the warranty to, Jake who’s got a two-year warranty bumper to bumper everybody else is one any brand that tries to do a lightweight travel chore they just start making it cheap Jayco understands that lightweight doesn’t have to mean cheap so I’m gonna keep showing you a couple other great features here.

So you do have the powder-coated aluminum wheel wells that’s a big deal because a lot of brands in this price point actually will use ABS plastic radial tires to nitrogen-filled so what’s great about that is anyone who’s ever you know had a vehicle where the tire pressure goes up and down it kind of goes flat and that kind of thing it doesn’t happen with the nitrogen filled tires and aluminum rims those rims are rims you’d see on like a Range Rover or high-end Mercedes also going down the side here notice this awning what’s amazing is these LED lights are multicolored it’s got this great remote control our next closest competitor the Arpad doesn’t even have it on it has a bag on it folks a bag awning is something you’d have in your 1979 pop-up, this has a power awning with the LED light strip that changes colors comes with its standard the other brands just don’t have that, so if you kind of continue to go around the rest of the exterior Jeremy I want to get a shot here of the marine grade speakers folks these are marine grade speakers what that means is it when you’re in the in the Sun or the rain or the water you’re still gonna have that great high quality a speaker that’s gonna give you great sound over a long period of time so they continue to move to the back this is where it gets really exciting it gets crazy because I’m gonna tell you things that folks you can go out there and see and other brands and compare it to the Jayco hummingbirds you can go right online you can go right now and look at other brands including the are pod versus the hummingbird folks go look for a bumper on the are pod, could you imagine not having a bumper that that’s what you’re gonna find if you go look at the are pod, it’s gonna be more money, it’s gonna be half the warranty and it’s not gonna have a bumper so here we are we got a four inch tubular bumper built right on here and why this is so great is because when you have the bumper you’re able to put you have it you’re able to carry your spare tire you’re able to do a bunch of different things that with like the our pod for example without a bumper all they do is have a little receiver in the back where it holds the spare tire and you have to choose either you go to spare tire safety for your family or you get to have the bike rack one or the other so you could have safety or fun you can have both with the are pot with Jayco you actually have an optional bike rack you can have and of course the spare tire you get them both with the our pod you just don’t get it so that’s a great feature super important to point out.

Notice the diamond plate to get a good shot of that again for that safety i┬ámean Jayco is just awesome they’re smart they think about your family they think about the features that you’re gonna want to have and and safety and durability as well, LED taillights big big plus LED tail lights all the other brands that are out there you’re just not gonna see the features that we’re talking about, hot and cold exterior shower I got two dogs so they go with us everywhere you know if they get dirty you’re messy super easy to hose them off you can do that with dirty kids too and I also have those so grab the outdoor shower cleans everything right off, so as we continue to move around the side to again get a great shot of these graphics absolutely amazing these are graphics that you’re gonna see again on 80 $90,000 hour travel chores or motor homes and here on the hummingbird it comes with it for this super amazing low price we’re really excited about this product it’s great it’s fun and it actually comes with so much stuff that when you look at it and think geez this trailer is a lightweight travel how could it be such high quality well it is and that’s Jake oh and that’s why we are one of the top retailers in the world of this product, a couple other things just before we go inside I almost forgot has the power tongue jack in the front again and cheaper travel trailers aren’t gonna have the power tongue jack with the LED light that’s great for hitching up you have the propane tank with the tank cover it also has a automatic regulator on it so great great features this does come with the solar prep this comes with a backup camera prep this comes with it all standard those are standard features backup camera prep so if you think about that backup camera on a lightweight travel chore go in there and talk to your our pod dealer say hey you have a backup camera they’re gonna laugh you they probably won’t even know what it is to be honest you so well as we go towards kind of move it on the inside again this is this is awesome the exterior grab handle most travel chores thirty thousand dollars now you know you got to ask for this with this travel chore way less price comes with its standard aluminum entry step I love this the Illuma tree step it just looks high-end you think of steps and people think Jesus step what’s the big deal well you know what Jayco that now they put the step on there some brands don’t even have it but they put the step on it looks good twenty six inch wide door but before I open the door look at this a window.

What do you think of all jeez a window on the door everybody does that and our pod can’t get it you asked for it not gonna get it, Jayco window in the door big big plus so that’s huge you know one of the greatest things about this this unit i want you to get a good shot right here on the door this little yellow sticker let’s see if you can get a good zoom in it look at this weight 2,800 pounds folks you could tell us with your bike this is unbelievable so light super lightweight you can tow this with almost any vehicle that’s out there easy to tow so you have all this fun packed into this great unit with a two-year warranty double anybody else’s amish construction 2,100 pounds totally amazing because i step into the jake a hummingbird i’m walking through the 26 inch wide door most brands in this price point gonna have smaller doors, no window that’s crazy Jayco large door, big window.

Awesome walking into my brand new Jayco homing bird so i’m gonna point out a couple of appliances this is great we have appliances in here that are like in five hundred thousand dollar houses, stainless steel, microwave two burner cooktop you have a three cubic foot refrigerator with the freezer that’s a great feature to have again its norcold – this is made in the USA other brands that are out there not so much super important to look for stuff made in the USA I think and that’s why that’s all we’d love to sell Jake Oh huge u-shaped dinette here which is great but what’s awesome about this is the quality of the cushions high-density foam cushions they’re gonna use notice the vinyl backing, so it’s super comfortable you’re also on top of a plywood construction so you’ve got a plywood base here most brands in this price point gonna use that wafer board that chipboard it’s crazy not with Jayco oh you got the plywood construction that’s a big big deal folks don’t let me forget to tell you 2-year warranty bumper to bumper ah I know I said it a couple of times but I just got to stress it too your warranty other brands out there more money some you know or you know a lot more money to they have a one year warranty we have two so double the warranty on the Jake Oh big big feature so we’re gonna be competitively priced in most cases less money higher quality double the warranty super excited about that so as you kind of get a good shot here notice the upgraded window treatments I mean these are box balances again you don’t see these until you get into 40 $50,000 fifth wheels but here on the Jake a hummingbird you’re gonna get that that’s totally awesome they put all their controls in one nice area super easy to control so you do have your power awning again don’t forget what the LED strip as we showed you with a different color lights so power awning in and out your slide-out room I mean we kind of didn’t talk about the fact that this is a slide-out I know we saw in the pictures but folks have slide out with 2100 pounds it’s crazy so slide out 25 pounds super light that’s a big deal all that right here in your control center that’s that’s a big plus, so notice that you have your switch here for your water heater it is an automatic water heater super easy it’s gonna work on direct spark ignition so you can just press the button it’s gonna light up automatically turn your water pump also a great feature it does have the black tank flush kits gonna clean out your holding tanks it comes with it has a little connection outside actually cleans the black tank sprays around.

Folks Simmons mattress this is a big deal Jayco has a Simmons mattress they put inside of it again the brands in this price point you gonna have a cheap little foam mattress not only do you have the Simmons mattress the upgraded mattress but you look at this bedding it’s great bedding, things absolutely gorgeous lightweight travel 20,800 pounds lightweight travel chiller and you get all these great great features I’m gonna go ahead and open up the the bathroom here this is amazing you do have the foot flush toilet hard to get a shot in there but you doing the foot flush toilet you do have a all the great features that you would like to see and a high-end travel tour right here in the Jayco hummingbird, another cool thing as I wrap up I want to talk about this table this is super cool a lot of times people love to go in you know go outside with their camp but this comes with this table that’s gonna go outside for it’s a it’s a extends to be four-foot wide this picnic table so that’s a great great feature, also too it’s super important to remember to tell you this is laminated construction it is laminated roof floor and side walls with aluminum caging through the whole thing so it’s durable its two-year warranty bumper to bumper it’s Jayco oh and you’re with rv1 superstore so you’re gonna get a great great price give us a call and we’ll go through it all over for you again on the phone if you’d like and we’ll give you a great price thanks you.

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