Luxury Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Luxury Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Luxury Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Hey I will show you the all new 2016 Sabre Lite 28 BH, it’s a 28foot ultralight 5th wheel made by Forest River it’s got power slider in the main living area front queen bedroom and rear bunks, so it is a half-ton towable unit only weighs about eighty to eighty three hundred pounds dry weight again it does have the one main slide-out which is in your living area, you can see it’s what they call the super slide 13 feet long, you do have the black front cap on it and it does have built-in LED light strip on it, LED marker lights up at the top, power landing gear so just touch up a button at the front, the lights on the front are controlled with just the switch at the front there, 230 pound tanks one on either side, so you’ve got the other one over on the door side you’ve got the front pass through storage compartment so with the basement storage it does go right through from one side to the other and you can access that from the front as well it is a heated storage compartment also has the enclosing heated underbelly on these units and then you do have the docking station over here, so all of your water hookups cable and satellite hookups there is a black tank flush ER outside shower winterizing bypass for the water heater and the water pump so all the hookups are centrally located in one area and then all the hoses come up through the bottom of this cap here, so that just twists off and then all your hoses will come right up.

Slam latch baggage doors on that storage too, just slam shut they are aluminum wheels, be able to see them a little better on the far side once we make our way over there, does have storage at the back underneath the bunks oh and a neat feature that they’ve added is the magnetic holders for the doors so you just push that right up and the magnet will grab it and then this is storage underneath that bunk bed area and there is a light in there as well and then on the back it does have the power stabilizer jacks so just touch of a button the two jacks at the back go down it does have the roof ladder on it. Pre-wired for a backup camera and then also the spare tire with the carrier on the back, LED tail lights this model has an outside kitchen on it so over here again that door lifts up and again you have the magnetic holders on it so you just push them right up it’ll grab the kitchen slides right out and it locks into place and there’s a lock on either side that will hold that open and then so it gives you the sink there’s also a two burner stove and then in this cabinet over here it’s got the fridge, so get the big bar fridge there and there’s a light in there as well and then with that it just on latches and it slides right back in and the door closes down over top so again you can see the aluminum wheels from this side here does have the power awning, the power awning has a built-in LED light strip it brightens up underneath your patio area here, it’s got aluminum stairs they’re nice and light they won’t rust on you.

You got outside speakers again the pass-through storage compartment accessible from this side there’s the gas shock arms that will hold that open for you outside TV hookup over here there’s also plugs for power and USB hookups there as well and then you can see it just on the far side by the battery box it does have a battery disconnect switch so you can flip that and it’s as if you’ve physically disconnected a terminal on the battery so it doesn’t drain on you and again slam latch doors just slam shut we’ll go inside and we’ll check out the interior.

Nice big open living area you’ve got the booth dinette with storage underneath the dinette seats that booth will drop down into an extra bed it’s got the decorative lighting above it nice big windows and you got the pulldown shades on the windows then it’s got the tri-fold sofa so that will pull out to about a double size bed, LED lights up above all the interior lights are LED so they’re nice and bright they go they give out very little heat they use very little power very energy-efficient you can see you’ve got the wood grain linoleum flooring TV area so it’s a high-definition mounted TV and then you got AM FM CD DVD and Bluetooth all built into the stereo and again indoor and outdoor speakers as you can see lots of cabinetry for storage you’ve got the the big 8 cubic foot fridge and that’s two door fridge and freezer three burner stove top with the cover there’s an oven and a microwave up above this one was ordered with the solid surface countertop so it’s a Corian type of countertop as opposed to a wood base countertop and you get the stainless steel sinks with the sink covers that match the countertop. At the back it does have the bunks so it’s double bed over double bed means you got a couple nice steps up there for getting up into the bunks there’s a TV hookup at the back there so that kids can have their own TV right near the bunk beds and each bunk does have its own plug for power and it gives you both USB and 110 plugs and each bunk has its own light and each bunk has its own window there is also an extra roof and up above the bunks again down here you get the window you get the power hookup and as little as well asĀ  the light.

Living area does have a ceiling fan as well making our way up towards the front you can see right when you walk in there you got a couple coat hooks also a couple hooks for keys, control panel for slide and awning and lights and everything is all in one area right by the door and all the power plugs here you can see you got the 110 and the USB you notice no carpet on the stairs so it keeps your high-traffic areas nice and clean so queen bed up at the front it’s a full-size queen mattress and you do have the shelving up above so spots for your phones or alarm clocks or anything like that you see you got a plug on either side of the bed window on either side of the bed as well and also the roof vent above the bed and it is pre-wired for a TV in the bedroom so you can mount the TV on the wall and a nice big closet in the bedroom as well, oh good amount of storage and it’s got the hanging rod to hang all your clothes up in the bathroom fully enclosed bathroom you got the foot flush toilet the vanity with stainless steel sink and you got storage below and then the medicine cabinet up above and then you’ve got the corner shower with the glass sliding doors and then there is a skylight above that as well so those just slide open you get the full shower surround and again the skylight above for natural light and for extra Headroom so again this is the 2016 Sabre light 28 BH luxury ultra light 5th wheel made by Ford’s River we now have an in stock at camping RV in Trafford

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