Small Toy Hauler Camper Trailers

Small Toy Hauler Camper Trailers

Small Toy Hauler Camper Trailers

Hello friends and family of you, well today I’ve got something I have never seen before I’m looking at a wolf pup it is a small toy hauler pretty neat little RV I’m going to show you this thing inside and out give you a quick review so let’s check it out together.

Well as I said this is a wolf pup toy hauler it is a 15 DF and pretty neat little unit here I’ve walked all around it like the way it looks it’s got a very sleek stylish design it’s got a 2-step entry as you can tell with a good sized grab bar to help you getting in and as I also said it’s a toy hauler so it’s got a big door on the back you can lower that down and be able to load and unload you’re your goods real easy and just wanted to show you both sides now a lot of these wolf pup series for years we’re putting the air conditioner on the sides but this particular model and year comes with it on the roof, this is a 2018 model so let’s go on inside here and see what’s going on.

Well as you can see there is the entry door that I just came in to and right there is the bathroom door and here is the kitchen which is right across from the door entry so let me show you the bathroom right quick and if you recall the front of the trailer is a point in front this bathroom is put into the pointed front area of this trailer, so I thought that was a pretty good way of laying it out still giving it plenty of room and it does not have a sink in the bathroom but it is right next to the kitchen which of course there is a sink there, and you can see it’s just a I guess that’s right at about a 3 foot tub shower combo and it does need to have a maxxair fan put in it. I always believe in doing upgrading any time you buy a new RV it’s a great time to ask for some upgrades get stuff that you really want in it get it.

Personalized you know so anyway to the kitchen you’ve got a you got a microwave there and it may be a conviction type I do not know I don’t know how to tell them apart to be totally honest with you and there is a two burner cooktop you’ve got a small kitchen sink here to give you an idea how big it is there’s my hand it’s a it’s only about a five inch deep Bowl to it, but still get enough to wash out a plate or two and maybe some cups so uh got good size a little cabinet in here you could store some foods or some some of your dishes and get plenty of room up here beside the microwave as well, and down below it’s got two cabinets both of these cabinets here have storage but this cabinet here is just an access to get to some of your plumbings and that sort of thing and you can see that it does have a over under refrigerator which is a good sized model for this size of an RV usually they’ll put them a lot smaller but they didn’t cut that corner here.

You can also say that like I said it is a toy hauler so it does have a setup where you can make the bed here in the back or you can break the bed down and have more storage area also it has storage area over the bed area and as I said outside it’s got the HVAC in the roof which I like that a whole lot better than having the HVAC in the wall to me I just feel like the wall units can cause problems later on down the road that’s just my personal belief no proof to put that in the in writing but that’s just been my personal belief folks and here’s like an entertainment center but it also has your that’s your electronics area for any if you’re it’s kind of like your breaker box panel and that is a radio system there’s also speakers built into the ceiling in here.

I can tell that this unit is just come in for a rival and they’ve not got it cleaned up and set up yet but I wanted to show it to you while it was still fresh it’s a little go little RV they do have ties down into the floor where you can strap stuff down I do like that and I’ll tell youn what else I like is that if you had all of this area full of merchandise or four-wheelers or whatever, you could still get in here and get to your refrigerator you could get to all of your kitchen area, you could also get to your bathroom, and that’s not always the case in one of these toy haulers so I like to be able to at least have that luxury you go you could if that area there was full of merchandise or whatever you could still put you a coat here and be able to get you a night sleep while you’re in transit so it may not seem important to the average kind of it to the guy that needs a toy hauler and is traveling for a living that is very important. So they don’t have a current price listed but the suggested retail price on this is right at $22,000 and I am at johnston RV which is over in two hadar alabama and i will show you a phone number for them to give them a call and that way you can ask them more details about it but this is your first time to see my blog or either of my blog i do not work for the company that makes some more the company that sells them I’m just out here showing you around show you what’s available these days I know it takes a lot of time to get out and shop for the perfect RV for you, so I just like to help you out and I have fun doing it as well.

And I will show you the outside one more time here. I will include the phone number at the end of the article here so you can give it well there’s a sticker right there let me just show you that sticker and that way you can give them a call and y’all have any questions about price or anything of that nature this is by Forest River wolf pup got a haunting got a LED on there oh one thing I like about this place I have not mentioned yet is I like that they turned electricity out so you go inside these RVs you can turn stuff on and see what it’s really like one thing I almost forgot to mention is this has a solar system ready for you, here it’s a 10 amp pre-wired so you can plug in and charge your battery up, also if you notice the front nose of this trailer is different than your average it does not have an area to put the battery or the propane, so the propane is in this little door area here I did not find the battery so next time I see this particular model I will have to look for it I didn’t even think about it till later on.

One thing I really like about this RV though is the fact that being a single axle it still has a cargo capacity of 2,000 and 93 pounds, which for a toy hauler is not a lot but it is a lot for a single axle trailer. And at the end i appreciate y’all come to my blog today I hope this article helped you if you’re out on the hunt so from me thanks a lot for y’all have a great one see you soon bye bye.

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